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Advice for writing your BSc/MSc thesis

Published April 15, 2021
  • For your report, use the official university template if one exists.
  • Think about how you will analyze your results before you have the results.
  • Don’t follow the instructions from your supervisor blindly. Make sure you understand the reasoning behind the decisions. If you don’t understand why you do things a certain way, ask. When you present your work, you don’t want to answer any questions with “because my supervisor said so”. Even if your supervisor says so, make sure you understand why your supervisor says so.
  • A great way to get an understanding of how you can structure your study, is to look at previous papers in the same are with the same type of methods as you. How did they structure their study?
  • Make a time plan. Update your time plan at least every week, and show it to your supervisor also, so that someone holds you accountable.
  • Don’t try to do too much. Start with a very small scope, and then extend as you go along. If you for example are doing a literature study, start with articles published the past year, and then extend to the past 2 years if you want more articles. Keep extending your scope in case you have the time.