Viktor Rognås

My journey as a PhD student in Pharmacometrics. Personal opinions and hypotheses. ☁

A personal blog by Viktor Rognås.

I am a PhD student in Pharmacometrics at Uppsala University.

My PhD project is using statistical models to help overcome antibiotic resistance, and is a part of Uppsala Antibiotic Center.


  • Master of Science in Engineering, Uppsala University 2017 Specialization: Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Technology, Uppsala University 2014 Specialization: Technology, Mathematics



  • Project Management, Stockholm University 2015
  • Differential Equations, University of Colorado Boulder 2015
  • Molecular Cell Biology, University of Colorado Boulder 2015
  • Nutrition, University of Colorado Boulder 2015
  • General Psychology, University of Colorado Boulder 2015
  • Finance and Accounting for Engineering Management, The Lockheed Martin Engineering Management Program, University of Colorado Boulder 2014
  • Microbiology and Immunology, Gävle University College 2013
  • Cancer Biology, University of Skövde 2013
  • Basic Medical Genetics, Uppsala University 2012

Awards and Scholarships

  • Gahn foundation for students of chemistry, 2014
  • Linds, Hans, 2017

“… well-mannered male student who has been registered at the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University for at least one academic year is awarded by the faculty…”

  • Börjessons äldre, 2018

“…for male students who are studying towards licentiate or higher degrees, [and] are distinguished by dedication and aptitude…”